JDIP (teen remedial) Registration
(Do not use this form to register for theBeginning Teen Drivers classroom and incar or Teen Behind-the-Wheel Only courses.)

For people who had their license suspended while under the age of 18 year. Students residing in any county in the state of Ohio are eligible to take this state certified NEW Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (AKA Juvenile Driver Intervention Program) .

The Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (JDIP, or teen remedial class) is typically held the first Saturday of each month.  The following class dates are available for the Juvenile Driver Improvement Course: 3/05/2016, 4/02/2016, 5/07/2016, 6/04/2016, 7/02/2016, 8/06/2016,

The fee for the JDIP class is $90 payable the day of class by cash only.
You must bring your driver's license number and some form of identification to class.  Lunch will be provided to all students.
Please arrive at the Driving Academy of Ohio at 7:45 am the morning of your class.  Class ends at 2:40 pm.
Your class will not be cancelled due to low enrollment.
Students must fill out and submit the following form or call our office to reserve a spot for class.

Please fill out the below form and press the SUBMIT button to register for a JDIP class.

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Driver's License Number

This is labeled "LICENSE NO." on your driver's license.  It is two letters followed by 6 numbers.  EG: TX123456.
If the student no longer possesses their driver's license, the license number can be found on any speeding tickets, accident reports, or traffic citations and may be on documents received from the BMV or court.  Your driver's license number can be obtained from the Ohio BMV web site (new window) if you have a key number which is found on certain BMV notices.  To obtain a letter by mail that contains the key number, you can contact Valerie Luptak, Driver Training Manager, Ohio Traffic Safety Office at 614-466-0383, or by requesting a letter containing the key number from the BMV phone staff at (614) 752-7500 or from your regional reinstatement office.   Note: calling to request a driver's license number without first obtaining a key number typically results in severe berating by the BMV phone staff and a lecture about Federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), and will not result in you obtaining a driver's license number.
Your driver's license number can also be obtained by purchasing a new ID or a driving abstract from a local BMV office
Some students and parents have also been able to obtain the license number from the court system from which they were sentenced.
You must obtain your license number from the State of Ohio. Your certificate of completion cannot be issued until you have supplied your driver's license number to us.


Note: Pre-registration submitted less than 24 hours prior to the start of class may not be available when you arrive at the driving school.
Friday, February 12, 2016 03:32:12 AM

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